Comparison of Online Events Features

  Traditional Online Event With Realtime Transcripts With Streaming Text
Video, audio & shared applications Yes Yes Yes
Complete written record shortly
after the meeting
  Yes Yes
Search text for key words   Yes Yes
Copy and paste into other
documents and email
  Yes Yes
Review what you missed
during meeting
Improve comprehension
during meeting
Capture and share text
during meeting
Participate in simultaneous meetings     Yes
Customize & integrate with
other applications
Instantly disseminate key points     Yes

Benefits of Realtime Transcripts:

(Transcript received shortly after conclusion of the event)

  • Complete written record of the meeting
  • Share transcripts by uploading to internet or e-mail
  • Electronic search and index capability
  • Instant notes for those who did not attend the meeting
  • Written backup should meeting recording or archiving fail
  • Use to create meeting minutes, study guides & training manuals
  • Continuity during multi-day meetings
  • Use to translate proceedings into other languages

Benefits of Streaming Text:

(Transcript displayed in real time simultaneously with the event)

All the benefits of realtime transcripts plus:

  • Fully focus on meeting substance rather than notetaking
  • Receive simultaneously with the meeting
  • Capture and share during meeting
  • Instant review of misunderstood or missed dialog
  • Monitor/participate in simultaneous meetings
  • Improved comprehension of English for speakers of other languages
  • Improved comprehension of complex topics, technical terms or foreign accents
  • Interpreters' job made easier