Tanya Ward English, Officer of Technologies:

Tanya Ward English, Officer of Technologies

Tanya began a court reporting career in 1986, and within three years she started her first business, a freelance reporting firm in Miami. Fascinated with instant realtime translation, Tanya became a beta tester on some of the earliest realtime litigation support software in 1992, and in '94 was a founding partner in Florida Realtime, the first court reporting company in Florida dedicated to realtime court reporting, captioning and CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation for persons with hearing loss).

Tanya and her companies have provided thousands of hours of realtime in such venues as college classrooms, large conventions, political debates; streaming realtime over the internet for financial reporting, live webcasts, meetings, classes; on-site captioning events, including the SuperBowl; realtime depositions and trials including the 18-month class action "Big Tobacco" trial in Miami; and instant transcription and video logging. Tanya lectures and provides consulting services on realtime issues such as internet captioning and alternative realtime careers, realtime hardware setup, and working with persons who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. She brings her diverse background and thirst for challenging new applications of realtime to Realtime Transcription, Inc. as a founding partner and our Technology Officer.

Eric Haya, Director of Sales/Vertical Market Integration:

Eric Haya, Director of Sales/Vertical Market Integration

Eric is recognized for his ability to streamline sales and marketing campaigns by integrating and maximizing current technologies. In 1984, after receiving dual engineering degrees (BS Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering) from the University of Buffalo, NY, he relocated to Northern California and started his career in sales and support with Hewlett Packard. Eric's entrepreneurial endeavors began in 1989 when he joined an innovative company, Scorpion Technologies, Inc., which went public shortly after his arrival.

He left Scorpion Technologies in 1992 to become sales manager of Optical Media International, a pioneer in premastering software for CD recordable technology. He assisted in positioning the company to be sold publicly four years later. In 1995, Eric launched Infinity Technologies, Inc., an internet-based company that sold progressive optical products in the growing multimedia sector.

In recent years, Eric has consulted for various customers to identify and incorporate web conferencing solutions. His expertise in bridging the technology gap between the software and the customer enabled his corporate clients to substantially increase their productivity and profitability. As founding partner and director of sales with Realtime Transcription, Inc., Eric focuses on integrating realtime transcription technology and services with vertical markets.