Microsoft Introduces Bing

Realtime Transcription 06/14/09

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>> You know what search engines do really well? Answer simple questions like what's the capital of Botswana or the world's largest rodent. But sometimes simple isn't enough. Sometimes you're looking for something that doesn't have just one answer like where we should go for dinner tonight. That's why we built Bing. It's not just a search engine. It's a decision engine. Whether it's as simple as deciding which link to click on or as involved as planning your next vacation, Bing helps you overcome search overload and find the best choice faster. We started just by organizing our results. Instead of spitting them out in order of popularity, we break them into logical categories. We bring the best match to the top, pull out information that's buried on the site, highlight instant answers and show related searches right there on the results page. Simple, organized and consistent. That's Bing. But where Bing really shines is in helping take the guesswork from your decisions saving you time and money when it comes to local search, travel planning, health questions and shopping. Looking for a digital camera? Bing brings together price comparisons, images and reviews to help you find the best products and deals quickly, and those reviews are drawn from all over the web, sorted and grouped so it's easy to zero in on what you care about most. Even better, Bing gets you cash back from hundreds of on-line retailers. Now the internet can be a little sketchy when you've got health questions. How do you find a source you can trust? Well, Bing's health results pull together information from the top medical sources in the world including the Mayo Clinic so you can feel confident you're not taking the advice of, say, a 13-year-old boy. When it comes to travel decisions, Bing helps you have the confidence that you're getting the most for your time and money. Enter your dates and Bing searches travel sites and airlines to find the best ticket options, gives you the tools to refine your results, and its price predictor is even smart enough to tell you when the fares will be cheapest. And say you want to do a local search in New York for a French restaurant. Bing lets you refine your results by parking, price, even reservations or atmosphere. Here, too, reviews from around the web, hours and one-click directions are all on one page. Try it. See how Bing can save you time and money and help you find just what you're looking for faster, easier and with more confidence, because the world doesn't need just another search engine. It needs a decision engine.